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How To Maximize Your Face Mask's Potential

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As homemade masks can help moisturize your skin and keep it from getting dry as well as give your skin the nutrients that it may need, applying a mask can be very beneficial for your skin. However, if not applied properly, it may not provide you with the right benefits that it provides. With this guide, we will teach you how to properly use a face mask the right way so that you aren’t wasting it.


If you are using a homemade mask that you have made yourself, make sure to make a new batch each time instead of reusing the one you made previously that you have kept in the fridge as most of the nutrients that is derived from the previous batch might already have been destroyed. If you use a face mask that has almost to no nutrients, then there is no use in using it as it will only make your face wet and not much more.

Applying the Homemade Face Mask

Before you apply your homemade face mask, place your batch in the fridge that you have just made so that it can cool down until you start using it. While this is happening, make sure to wash your face thoroughly so that there aren’t any bacteria or dirt that can hide some of your face from the nutrients. Before applying the texture, make sure to have hot steam blow into yourself by boiling some water and keeping your face over it or place a paper towel or a towel inside it and place it over your face so that your pores can open. This is so that your body can bring in the nutrients easier as your pores will already have been opened.

After you have done this for a few minutes, use a brush or a similar type of tool to apply the texture to your skin. Make sure to apply this to your entire face without missing a spot and go all the way to your neck so that you can ensure that your entire face is covered. Then, set a timer so that you know when to wash everything off – this is usually around 15-30 minutes – and place cucumbers over your eyes and relax until you hear the timer go off.

Applying the Face Pack

As this pack is a lot easier since you don’t have to create your batch and cool it off in your fridge, you can save a lot more time. Although this may be a bit easier and time saving, the face pack will have a lot less nutrients than the homemade face mask.

However, you should still open your pores using the methods that we have shown above so that the nutrients that can be derived can go into your skin. After doing so, apply the face pack and keep it on until the time specified by the package.


Applying face masks and face packs are very important to your skin as it will benefit the health of your skin. As these nutrients are a very beneficial boost to the health of your skin, applying face packs and face masks should be a task that you do every once in a while.

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