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Supple Skin And Shaving: 5 Simple Tips For Silky Smooth Results

Shaving is a fine art that can leave your skin looking incredibly smooth, supple, and youthful. Unfortunately, there are some risks that come from shaving incorrectly. Some examples include painful nicks, razor burn, and dry skin post-shaving. You certainly want to get the best out of your shaving experience, and it’s possible to do so! Amy Baum, the author of, is here to share five simple tips to help you achieve silky smooth shaving results.

#1 Expose Skin To Warm Water Or Steam Before Shaving

Heat and moisture are the perfect combination for pre-shaving preparation. Take a soak in the tub or enjoy a shower for several minutes prior to shaving. This opens your pores and softens your skin so that you’re less likely to get small cuts and red razor burn. When your skin is too dry, it clogs your shaving razor with dead skin cells. This is a primary cause of nasty nicks and unpleasant bumps associated with shaving.

# 2 Gently Exfoliate Your Skin Before Shaving

As mentioned above, dead skin cells quickly clog up razor blades. If you exfoliate before you shave, you can remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin. This helps you 1) avoid cuts and razor burn, 2) allows you to get a super close shave, and 3) can help you have smoother, brighter looking skin once you’re done with shaving. It’s best to use a gentle exfoliator before shaving; Simply use a damp washcloth or a small exfoliating sponge to remove dead skin cells. You can also use a high-quality exfoliant like the Le DIAMANTE Brightening Exfoliant.

#3 Use Oil Underneath Your Shaving Cream

There are many reasons why oil is such a beneficial part of the shaving process. First, it softens your skin during and after the shaving process. You are left with fresh feeling, renewed looking skin when you add it to your shaving routine. It also reduces the chances of razor burn because it stays put during the shaving process and acts as a guard for your skin. Use baby oil or olive oil, but avoid using solid oils like coconut oil - they can clog your drain. After your bath or shower, make sure to wipe down any oil residue from your tub. You don’t want a slippery surface!

#4 Apply Cold Water After Shaving To Close Your Pores

This is an important step to take once you’re completely done shaving. Cool water helps instantly tighten pores; this can reduce the likelihood of unsightly razor burn. After you’ve thoroughly rinsed the shaved area with cool water, gently pat it dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin with a towel after shaving it because this can irritate delicate, freshly shaved skin.

#5 Always Use A Rich Moisturizer After Shaving

When you follow tips one through four, your skin is sure to feel silky smooth once you’re finished shaving. But it’s still very important to use a rich moisturizer to keep that soft-to-the-touch look and feel. Shea and cocoa butter are inexpensive and high-quality moisturizers. They’re very thick and creamy and they help keep your skin quenched. You can also try lotions that contain coconut oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E oil. All of these oils are super nourishing for skin.

There you have it. All you’ve got to do is keep these five simple tips in mind when you shave. If you follow them, you’re much more likely to avoid nicks and razor burn. You can enjoy a freshly shaved look that is radiant, sleek, and eye-catching!

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